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About the Biggest Loser® Pro Online Course

AFAA is pleased to announce its new Biggest Loser® Pro Online Course! As an official l icensee of NBC's The Biggest Loser® hit television show, AFAA has created this course to equip fitness professionals who are currently AFAA certified with additional knowledge and skills to work with overweight clients.

Worth 15 AFAA CEUs and priced at only $299, this 8-module course introduces topics ranging from the environmental, sociocultural and physiological factors of obesity to the orthopedic concerns often associated with this special population.

In addition to providing you valuable information and CEUs, successful completion of the course allows you the option to participate in AFAA's new consumer outreach program, Biggest Loser® Live Training, as a Biggest Loser® Pro. Only active Biggest Loser® Pros are eligible to use to work with clients in online and onsite sessions, as well as collaborate with a thriving online health and fitness Network.

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What are the benefits to becoming an active Biggest Loser® Pro?

An active Biggest Loser® Pro will be provided with the following benefits:

  1. Be registered in the Biggest Loser® Pro Online Directory, which includes a personal profile, bio, and the opportunity to upload your personal video greeting-all of which is searchable by potential clients.
  2. Print the following words on your business card and website in the exact manner seen below:
  3. AFAA Certified
    Biggest Loser® Pro
    Registered at

  4. Purchase apparel from AFAA bearing the Biggest Loser® Pro logo to identify you as a Biggest Loser® Pro.
  5. Conduct live exercise classes both online and onsite:

ONLINE Activities:

  • Lead Biggest Loser® Live Training sessions online. Earn fees through your online sessions-fees for your online services are paid to you from AFAA (a fee schedule from AFAA is attached with your Independent Contractor Agreement). As an example, AFAA will pay the Biggest Loser® Pro a service fee for a live, online multi-client session with a sufficient number of participants registered 24 hours in advance. AFAA reserves the right to cancel, modify, or postpone these sessions in its sole judgment 24 hours in advance. AFAA will make every effort to notify you 24 hours in advance.
  • Facilitate archived streaming video workouts
  • If you desire, you may use pre-filmed Biggest Loser® Live Training instructional video workouts to enhance your online sessions with Biggest Loser® Live Training clients
  • Conduct team motivational meetings
  • Participate in meetings with experts (i.e., MDs, registered dietitians, and other allied health professionals)
  • Connect with individuals who want to lose weight using state-of-the-art technologies with NO required software to download or install
  • Simultaneously train up to 15 viewable participants, as well as additional off-screen participants, online at
  • Attend lectures by experts on a selection of topics covering behavior modification, nutrition, exercise, and more
  • Present programs using desktop and application sharing (including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations)
  • Register clients for Biggest Loser® Challenges
  • Hold team meetings for Biggest Loser® Challenge participants
  • Network with other Biggest Loser® Pros

ONSITE Activities:

  • Conduct official Biggest Loser® Challenges at your local facility: You and your participants must register at in order to be considered "official". Any other Challenge activities will not be recognized. Look for complete details on
  • Teach Biggest Loser® workouts at your local facility: Fees paid to you will be determined by agreement between you and the facility. Only Biggest Loser® Pros can teach and market the workouts. You must register your club and workouts at Details to follow.
  • Purchase posters, banners, and other materials from AFAA for your own use to market and promote Biggest Loser® Challenges and workouts at the club level.
  • Place approved advertisements in local media to promote the Challenges and workouts you will conduct. You are responsible for any advertisement costs.

What are the requirements to become an active Biggest Loser® Pro?

  1. Hold current AFAA certification (Personal Trainer, Group Exercise, Kickboxing, Step, or Military Fitness Specialist)
  2. Successfully complete the Biggest Loser® Pro Online Course
  3. Hold current CPR/AED certification*
  4. Maintain current liability insurance (cannot exclude online training)
  5. Complete and sign AFAA's Extension Workshop / Program Agreement
  6. Complete and sign W9
  7. Receive from AFAA your Certificate of Completion and Agreement
  8. Pay a $9.95 monthly technology access fee

What are the fees involved to become an active Biggest Loser® Pro?

Active Biggest Loser® Pros pay a monthly technology access fee, currently $9.95/month, which allows them to utilize AFAA's unique, proprietary software to schedule sessions, conduct classes, and network with clients and other Biggest Loser® Pros. You must continue to meet all of the Biggest Loser® Pro requirements during your access period or your active status will be canceled.

You may cancel your Biggest Loser® Pro status by providing a 30-day written notice to AFAA. AFAA reserves the right to amend the access fee. For complete details visit

May I simply take the online course?

Yes, if you wish, you may simply take the course. Upon successfully passing all modules, you will receive your 15 AFAA CEUs and no additional fees apply. However, if you wish to be registered as an active Biggest Loser® Pro, with access to all of the benefits–including several income earning opportunities–you will need to meet the preceding requirements and maintain your network account by paying the technology access fee.

What else should I know about becoming a Biggest Loser® Pro?

While there are no guarantees, AFAA believes in the merits of the Biggest Loser® Live Training program and hopes the Biggest Loser® Pro branding opportunity will increase your business with additional income possibilities from hosting online and onsite sessions with clients. As with any business opportunity, your success will depend upon how active you are in your marketing efforts and the quality of the service you provide to your clients. AFAA makes no claims as to the number of clients or sessions that you will gain from this program.

AFAA is proud to have been selected as an official licensee of NBC's The Biggest Loser® show. As always, we invite your suggestions and input. Together we can make a difference in the fight against obesity. So start today and complete the course to take advantage of this great opportunity!

If you have questions or comments, please contact or call 800-225-2322 ext. 613.

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